Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day! See the Most Arrrgh-esting Pirates in Pop Culture

Ahoy, Mateys! Celebrate the special holiday with a look at our favorite onscreen pirates

By Mike Vulpo Sep 19, 2014 5:27 PMTags
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Ahoy, mateys, and happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Today's the day you can totally rock that eye patch and finally have the Pirates of the Caribbean marathon you've always wanted.

It's also one of the few times you can get away with repeating "Arrrgh!" before every sentence you use. Actually, maybe that's never a good idea.

In honor of today's special holiday, we've compiled a list of memorable pirates in pop culture. From actors like Johnny Depp and Colin O'Donoghue, to a few famous baseball players, it's safe to say we've found some real treasure with our picks!

Captain Flynn: Josh Duhamel was the voice of Captain Flynn in the Disney Junior show Jake and the Never Land Pirates. In his episode, Duhamel's character is separated from his ship. With a little help from friends, he doesn't have to worry for long.

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The Pirates! Band of Misfits: Led by the Pirate Captain (Hugh Grant), a group of pirates try their best to claim the Pirate of the Year award. With stiff competition from rivals Black Bellamy (Jeremy Piven) and Cutlass Liz (Salma Hayek), it's anyone's guess as to who will take home the top prize.

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Pittsburgh Pirates: Andrew McCutchen, Garrett Jones and Russell Martin are just some of the players who made the team's 2013 season a success! The team's winning season last year—the first since 1992—spurred record attendance and big business.

Somali Pirates: The high-seas hijackers are featured on the big screen in Tom Hanks' film Captain Phillips, which tells the true story of Captain Richard Phillips, who survived being held hostage by Somali pirates in 2009. The event marked the first time any American cargo ship was hijacked in 200 years.  


Captain Hook: In ABC's popular series Once Upon a Time, actor Colin O'Donoghue delivers a unique take on the classic Disney villain. "I thought it would be good if he was sort of able to use his charm and, I guess, sexuality to get whatever he wants," O'Donoghue told E! News. "If it doesn't work out then he can just kill them."

Long John Silver's: In celebration of the pirate holiday, the fast-food chain is rewarding customers with a free piece of its classic whitefish for anyone who says "Arrrgh!" Count us in!

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Dread Pirate Roberts: The Princess Bride's swashbuckler never leaves captives alive. Except when for when it comes to true love, right, Westley (Cary Elwes)?

Captain Jack Sparrow: Johnny Depp's role earned the actor an Oscar and Golden Globe nomination. It also earned him a huge group of loyal fans. With four movies complete and more on the way, we haven't seen the last swordfight involving Captain Jack.

Mother Hook: Girls can be pirates too, you know! In another episode of Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Mother Hook (Sharon Osbourne) teaches her son a valuable lesson: You can't steal treasure from others without asking!