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You know what would look great with those jeans you have on? Fresh TV spoilers!

In today's Spoiler Chat, we've get exclusive details on a family member of a fan-favorite doc Grey's Anatomy fans will be meeting this season, a surprising Big Bang Theory duo who will be spending a lot of time together and an update on Hanna and Caleb's cross-show romance on Pretty Little Liars and Ravenswood! Oh, and there are spoilers on Parenthood's big election and The Carrie Diaries' best new accessory, Samantha Jones. Plus, we've included scoop on Dallas, Two and a Half Men and more...

Michael: Any Dallas news?
A pretty new lady will be stirring up drama when season three debuts as fans will meet Heather, a tomboy-ish ranch hand, in the premiere. Feminine and sexy, Heather can more than hold her own in her male-dominated profession, but an attraction to bad boys is her Achilles' heel.

Alexa: Hoping for some fun Grey's spoilers!
Prepare to go "awww" in 3…2…1…: The show is currently casting Tuck, Bailey's 7-year-old son, who will make his debut in episode seven.

Hayden: Are Hanna and Caleb going to break up on Pretty Little Liars? I cannot handle losing both Ezria and Haleb in one season!
Wel, we just got back from Ravenswood (no, really, we did!) and we sat down with PLL heartthrob Tyler Blackburn to talk about Haleb's fate. We can tell you that the couple will be fine…for now. In the Halloween special Caleb, Hanna and new Ravenswood resident Miranda have to work together to stay alive and uncover deadly secrets. We all know that Caleb will stay behind in Ravenswood, but did you know that it's actually Hanna's idea for him to stay? That's right, Hanna's gives Caleb her blessing to stay in that ultra-creepy town and help his newfound friend Miranda. Bonus scoop: The couple will not break up in the Halloween special.

Johanna: Any Big Bang goodies to share?
Two characters who've never really shared scenes will get to spend some QT (quality time, duh!) together this season! "I finally get to have some scenes with the Wolowitz character," Mayim Bialik spills. "We've never had scenes alone, and it involves singing and it's awesome."

James Franco, Mindy Kaling, The Mindy Project

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Shannon: James Franco was hilarious on The Mindy Project! Can we expect to see more of Dr. L?
Ahem, don't you mean the other Dr. L?! Franco is only slated to appear in one more episode, but star Beth Grant tells us he could return in the future. "We had a great time with him. He's the best sport," she gushes. "He was really joking around with us and doing improv and being goofy, because we're pretty goofy over there, and he fit right in. We love him and he said he'll come back. I hope we have him back."

Brittany: Parenthood is my favorite show on TV, so any scoop on the new season would be great. Thank you in advance!
You're welcome in advance! So you know how Kristina is running for mayor? Well, you can expect to see the election go down in the NBC drama's ninth episode, aptly titled "Election Day." You can expect to see all the Bravermans band together to help Kristina win, including one of the siblings…who has never voted before! Shame, shame!

Connor: How about something on Two and a Half Men?
Get ready Two and a Half Men fans, because we're having a sex-off! Well, kind of. We all know that Walden has quite the way with the ladies, but his new roommate (and daughter of the late player Charlie Harper) Jenny is a bit of a womanizer too. In fact, there will be one morning where both of their dates are going to do the walk of shame out of the beach house together. Poor Alan! Always all alone...

Meg: More scoop on young Samantha Jones' debut on The Carrie Diaries, please!
Age is nothing but a number for our girl! "Carrie is 17 and Samantha is in her 20s," her portrayer Lindsey Gort says, adding that in addition to her friendships, Samantha isn't an ageist when it comes to guys either. "I'm all about the fun. No age, no limitations, there's no rules." Translation: Same old Samantha!

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