Gwyneth Paltrow Opens Up About Hubby Chris Martin: "We Always Laugh at the Same Jokes"

"The self-belief I have is thanks to my dad," the 40-year-old actress says in the October issue of Marie Claire Australia

By Alyssa Toomey Sep 17, 2013 7:41 PMTags
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Gwyneth Paltrow rarely opens up about her relationship with her hubby of 10 years Chris Martin, but when she does, it's clear the blond beauty is still crazy in love with the Coldplay frontman.

"One of the things that unites us the most is that we always laugh at the same jokes," the 40-year-old actress spills in the October issue of Marie Claire Australia, in which she wows in a sexy white dress on the cover.

The other amazing man in Paltrow's life was her father, the late director-producer Bruce Paltrow, who died nearly 11 years ago. The father-daughter duo had an incredibly close relationship, and the Iron Man star still cherishes the wisdom he left her with today.

"The self-belief I have is thanks to my dad," the self-professed daddy's girl says. "We had an incredible relationship, we understood each other to perfection."

Her voice is filled with emotion as she recalls fond anecdotes from her father, like the time he took Paltrow to Paris as a teen and said, "I want you to get to know this city with a man who will love you forever," as well as sound advice such as, "Look after your old friends. The possibility doesn't exist to make new old friends."

Anyone else need a tissue?


The blond beauty, who has two children with Martin—Apple, 9, and Moses, 7—also opens up about the difficulties any parent faces while raising children, admitting the task doesn't get any easier as her kids grow older.

"Last night, I was talking about that with my husband: it gets more complicated," she explains. "The problems are getting more serious and I notice that they need me more now than even when they were very little. My daughter, for example, who is super-intelligent, asks me [tough] questions! I feel I have to constantly be by her side."

Clearly, family comes first for the Academy Award-winning star.