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With the final season premiere of How I Met Your Mother less than a week away, fans are buzzing with anticipation for a chance to get to know this forever infamous Mother. But we don't want you to have to wait any longer!

 We've snagged an amazing behind-the-scenes look at Cristin Milioti on the HIMYM set as she spills secrets about the mother, how she's adjusting to life with the yellow umbrella, and her first onscreen kiss with Josh Radnor. Warning: This video will make a true HIMYIM fan experience excessive giddiness, and will melt your heart when you see how cute Milioti and Radnor are together.

We've already told you how absolutely incredible How I Met Your Mother's season premiere is, but just in case you don't believe us, read on! Within the first 20 minutes, fans will be treated to a plethora of delightful yet dorky details about the mother and Milioti explains exactly how her character is going to be a perfect fit for Ted.

"I think she's a loveable nerd. I think she's a history nerd, I think she's a music nerd, she's like a literary nerd, she's very funny, hopelessly awkward." Milioti reveals with a smile, "She's actually kind of a little bit like the female version of Ted, I think."

HIMYM star Radnor says that he is thrilled that fans are getting a chance to get to know The Mother before Ted even gets to say hello. "There was always the question of when will we meet this gal? Will it be the last moment of the series, he turns and there she is? Will we never see her? And I thought it was really smart to introduce her at the end of last season and now they're threading her through the season," he says.

Milioti, who was under strict rules not to reveal that she had been cast as the bass-playing girl of Ted's dreams, will share her first scene with Radnor in the season nine premiere. Although we can't tell you much about the swoon-worthy scene, we will let Radnor explains what it coming up: "We are shooting our first scene together today, our first fake kiss. Well it'll be a real kiss but it's fake because we have to do it."

Who else is squealing with excitement?! Take a look at the full interview above to learn more about all the precautions the HIMYM creators took to keep Milioti's reveal a secret. Plus you'll never guess the adorkable moment that made Milioti finally realize that she was actually on the show. She's honestly too cute!

Don't miss the special one hour season premiere of How I Met Your Mother Monday, Sept. 23 at 8 p.m. on CBS!

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