Pumpkin Spice Cronuts Exist and They Look as Delicious as You'd Expect! Check Out the Recipe Now

Foodness Gracious has published a receipt for this delicious treat, which combines the cronut craze and Starbucks

By John Boone Sep 16, 2013 7:16 PMTags
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What do you get when you combine the viral craziness of the cronut with the obsessive craving of Stabuck's Pumpkin Spice Latte? The pumpkin spice caramel cronut, the bakery delight to end all bakery delights and bring the Internet to its knees.

At the very least, they look delicious. And now everyone can stop trying to top it.

Foodness Gracious, the blog of "a stay-at-home dad with a serious passion for food," is home of the pumpkin spice caramel cronut (the "PSCC"), a recipe inspired by both the original cronut, at Dominique Ansel's N.Y. bakery, and Leonard's Bakery's Portuguese malasada donuts in Hawaii. 

The complete PSCC recipe, available on Foodness Gracious, is adapted from a buttermilk-vanilla glazed croissant donuts recipe on Salt & Smoke and doesn't require anything too fancy, aside from pumpkin pie spice and frying oil.

And time. The dough alone takes a few hours to make.

"Of course, if it goes belly-up like mine did the first time, then it's a kitchen full of flying flour and cuss words," the man behind the recipe explains, before concluding, "I'll be making them again...It was like stuffing a raised donut into my mouth while also relishing crispy layers of butter and pumpkin spice sugar."

You can find tons more recipes on his site (chocolate caramel pretzel brownies? Yes, please.)

If you prefer having other people make your baked goods (or any food, really) and serve them to you, here's a friendly reminder from an unlikely source: Tip your servers, people. Tip them well.

YouTube pranksters LAHWF and Stuart Edge made amends for being YouTube pranksters by dolling out "record-breaking" $200 tips to a few deserving servers at various late-night diners in Utah (H/T Gawker). 

And unlike most YouTube pranks, you can describe these reactions as "heartwarming."