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In case you missed Sunday night's mid-season finale of Total Divas or you just want to relive it, we've got the best moments from the show in a full pic/gif recap!

Nattie is preparing for her big day with her WWE Superstar fiance Tyson Kidd (TJ) and the wedding is just days away.

Gismo (their cat) joins in and helps them plan...

Total Divas, EP 108 Recap

Nattie's family comes over to help with the preparations and her mom surprises her with a homemade wedding dress.

Not all surprises are good surprises...

Total Divas, EP 108 Recap

Nattie has already found her dream dress and she doesn't know how to let her mom know that she's not wearing this at her wedding.

She says the flower on it looks like a "lady part". We don't see it.

Total Divas, EP 108 Recap


Nattie is super nice about it and tells her mom that she loves it but just doesn't feel like it fits the overall theme.

She says she'll wear it sometime in the future. Doubt it.

Jump to, Eva Marie and JoJo at the unveiling of the WWE Performance Center. They still don't seem to be on the best terms.

There's definitely some tension when a WWE executive tells them there's a spot opening up on the main roster. Eva says she really wants it and is ready for it.

JoJo's not convinced...

Total Divas, EP 108 Recap


Nikki Bella is on the phone with her sister Brie Bella when John Cena comes up the stairs and tells her that there's a problem...

Nikki's worried, hangs up with Brie and listens to John explain the issue.

Total Divas, EP 108 Recap

John wants Nikki to come meet his entire family!!! (That's a problem?)

But after further explanation, the dinner is the exact same day as Nattie's wedding. She would have to miss Nattie's wedding to be able to go.

She has to choose between the two.

It's now Monday Night Raw and the Divas are making their way into the stadium.

Nikki was recently injured and is still getting used to her crutches...

Total Divas, EP 108 Recap

Why does Nikki keep falling?!

Nikki tells Nattie that she won't be able to make it to her wedding and Nattie is upset.

Nattie's own best friend is skipping out to go somewhere with her boyfriend and the stress of the wedding is becoming too much.

She breaks down and tells Brie everything that's going on...


Total Divas, EP 108 Recap

Brie acts as a great friend and tells Nattie that all she should care about is herself and her big day. That's all that matters. (Go Brie!)

Nattie agrees and gives her own self a little pep talk.

Total Divas, EP 108 Recap

Eva Marie finds out she was selected to be Nattie's valet during the big Diva match and she's getting her own big debut!

All the Divas watch her premiere backstage and JoJo is not happy.

Total Divas, EP 108 Recap

After the wrestling event, the DIvas head back to their hotels and Trinity gets a call from Ariane saying that something is wrong. Her stomach is hurting her and she needs help!

Trinity rushes to her room and it's obvious that Ariane's not faking it. She's crying, holding her stomach and doesn't know what's wrong.

Trinity grabs the hotel phone and calls 911. She's not going to take any chances!

The paramedics arrive and her pain has only gotten worse. They load her up on a gurney and wheel her away.

Total Divas, EP 108 Recap

Trinity follows the ambulance and waits for her at the hospital.

A few hours go by until Ariane is released and Trinity drives her back to the hotel.

Ariane says they think it has something to do with her "lady business" but they don't know exactly what's wrong. She thanks Trinity for being there for her.

Crash! THUNDER! Pow! It's the day of Nattie's wedding and the weather is not cooperating...

Total Divas, EP 108 Recap

Nattie says her beach wedding is ruined and things just keep getting worse.

Gismo is there to help cheer her up though!

Total Divas, EP 108 Recap

All the Divas arrive (minus Nikki) and Ariane shows up with someone...


Total Divas, EP 108 Recap

Ariane explains that after a little while, they decided they couldn't be apart and got back together.

Nattie's nervous that he's going to cause a scene and Eva Marie admits that the two of them freak her out. (We don't blame them.)

While they're getting ready for Nattie's wedding, Nikki is with John in Massachusetts visiting his entire family.

Total Divas, EP 108 Recap

John says it's very rare for them to all get together like this and it's even more rare that he's even able to attend.

It seems like it's going well and Nikki is getting to meet all of them for the first time.

There's no drama and they all seem to like her!

Total Divas, EP 108 Recap

There might not be drama with Nikki and John, but Jaret (a longtime friend of Nattie who admitted to having feelings for her) just showed up to the wedding and it's super awkward.

Nattie hasn't told TJ about the whole situation and Jaret strolls in and tells him that she's been texting and calling him.

Then out of nowhere, congratulates him and says he's a "lucky guy"...

Total Divas, EP 108 Recap

It's about to go down!

TJ asks him to step out in the hall and confronts him for trying to take away his girl.

After having that stern conversation, TJ walks into Nattie's room and confronts her for texting and calling him behind his back.

TJ asks her if they should even get married or have the wedding!

Nattie apologizes and says she didn't mean for it to go this far. They're just friends and she should have told him about the whole situation beforehand.

She knows she messed up...

Total Divas, EP 108 Recap

TJ accepts her apology.

Enough with that drama, tt's finally time for the wedding!

And there's no better way to get ready for a wedding than to brush a goatee. (We hear it's good luck...)

Total Divas, EP 108 Recap

The music plays and Gismo, Nattie and her father all slowly walk down the aisle...

Total Divas, EP 108 Recap

At this point, we're crying, everyone in the audience is crying, Nattie's crying, the Divas are crying... it's just a whole lotta tears...

The ceremony concludes and Nattie and TJ kiss as husband and wife!

Total Divas, EP 108 Recap

They all get to the reception and they start having a ball.

Nikki calls Nattie and apologizes that she can't be there but gives her her blessing and wishes them luck in their future. Nattie accepts her apology and says it really means a lot that she'd call.

Good to see that they're better!

Nattie and TJ step onto the dance floor and have their first dance.

It's romantic, cute and we're still crying at this point...

Total Divas, EP 108 Recap

TJ then surprises Nattie and shows a video montage of them from WWE and all of their years together.

Nattie starts tearing up again and now we're crying even harder!

It's so nice!

Total Divas, EP 108 Recap

Nattie throws her bouquet and Brie leaps and catches it out of the air!

Her WWE Superstar boyfriend Daniel Bryan gives the camera a scared look and then laughs.

Will they be next to get married?!

Total Divas, EP 108 Recap

Things with Jaret seemed to have been smoothed over and everything between him and Nattie are ok.

They're seen dancing and having a good time together.

Total Divas, EP 108 Recap

The celebration starts to wind down and Nattie and TJ take a final, cute wedding photo together.

Congrats to the happy couple!

Total Divas, EP 108 Recap

John and Nikki go out for a special dinner and Nikki brings up their relationship...

She says they hardly argue and she knows that he's the one for her.

Total Divas, EP 108 Recap

John agrees, thinks a little bit and finally asks her to move in with him!

Nikki thinks about it, says she feels ready and says YES!

Total Divas, EP 108 Recap

The adorable couple kiss and the show fades to black... #NenaForever

Total Divas comes back to E! on Sunday, November 17th at 10/9c! Check out for even more Diva-related content!

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