Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne and more flocked to Las Vegas Saturday night for the big fight between Floyd Mayweather and Canelo Alvarez.

In fact, Justin and Lil Wayne didn't just attend the event, they helped amp up Mayweather.

The two artists walked the fighter in to the ring to face Alvarez, with a shirtless Lil Wayne performing a live remix of his hit song "A Mili" while the Biebs rocked black sunglasses and a plain black T-shirt.

The threesome's entrance had everyone from Seth MacFarlane to David Spade talking. Seth lightheartedly tweeted: "Nice to haveWhoopi Goldberg here with--oh sorry, Lil Wayne." WhereasEliza Dushku was thinking what we all were thinking: "Wait, I'm still stuck on #Bieber is #Mayweather's #HypeManJr..? #Alvarez #FightNight"

Spade didn't hold back, Instagramming a pic of their entrance with the caption: "WTF?? One of these things doesnt belong. He needs to be cropped! #teamcoughsyrup"

Other celebs in attendance were Denzel Washington, Diddy, Michael Phelps, Mike Tyson and TK

Mayweather took the win, after an intense 12 rounds and an even more intense majority-decision victory. 

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