Exclusive: Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne Get Inked Together--Check Out the Singer's New Tattoo!

"R.I.P." crooner and her model pal got the new body art Wednesday night in New York City

By Brandi Fowler, Lindsey Caldwell Sep 14, 2013 4:56 PMTags
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Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne had quite the eventful evening in New York City.

The "R.I.P." crooner and her model BFF spent hours together Wednesday night getting new tattoos inked by celeb tattoo artist Bang Bang McCurdy, who called Ora's body art "the most detailed tattoo" he's done on a celeb yet.

So, what tat did Rita get?

A large "realistic version of a Vargas painting of an pinup girl," which took five hours to ink on her bod, Bang Bang told E! News exclusively.

"The tattoo is on her right ribcage. It's big!," Bang Bang dished on the black and grey body art. "When she's standing it's about 7 inches tall, but when she's laying down it's about 10 inches, plus."

Harry Styles' new ladylove, who got a tattoo of her mom's name, held Rita's hand during the long process, but Bang Bang said Rita was "really tough" and did "great" while she got her ink.

The girls made a night of their tattoo bonding experience; ordering Mexican food from a local shop called Calexico and taking a break for a dance party at 2 a.m.—at which Delevigne threw on a hamburger suit.

"She just pulled it out of her purse, put it on, and was like, 'just me and my hamburger, what, what!," Bang Bang said, adding, "she's hilarious. She's genuinely fun, one of my favorite people."

Bang Bang has inked all five of the model's tattoos, and she's already gearing up for her sixth.

"Cara actually texted me the next day and wanted to come in for another one," Bang Bang said. "She really wanted me to tattoo her favorite piece of food, but I told her to wait a bit, just to see if she still wants it."

 And he's not surprised she's ready for more.

"When you love tattoos, your skin feels like they belong," Bang Bang went on. "They're wonderful."