Katy Perry, Daniel Radcliffe

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Someone's got himself quite the crush!

Daniel Radcliffe revealed in an interview with MTV that he became completely dumbstruck after noticing that he was in the same room as Katy Perry.

"Mentally I am very close to Katy Perry, a lot," the 24-year-old actor joked.

"I've been in a room with her since and I couldn't say [anything]. I was across a room from her and I was like, ‘I can't. I can't even say anything you probably seen an interview with me [and] you know these thoughts are in my head. I can't even look at you."

Katy Perry, John Mayer


The Harry Potter actor has previously spilled the beans about his true feelings for the "Roar" songstress.

In 2012, Racliffe stopped by Andy Cohen's clubhouse on Watch What Happens Live he first copped to having the hots for her.

When asked by Cohen, which Hollywood leading lady would you like to stalk, he answered (fairly quickly, mind you), "Who I'd stalk? It would probably be Katy Perry."

But he went on to clarify, and further cement his love for the pop star, "And not in a ‘I'm a really big fan' way, but in an overtly sexual context."

Okay, then!

Unfortunately for Radcliffe, it seems that Perry is currently smitten with her crooner beau, John Mayer.

The two just recently debuted a duet together entitled, "Who You Love," which is all about, you guess it, their love for one another. 

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