Nicole Kidman: "Shaken Up" After Being Hit by Bicycle, Paparazzi's Behavior Can Be "Terrifying"

"Luckily I got up, but there will be a time when someone does not," the actress told E! News at the Calvin Klein party in NYC

By Natalie Finn, Alicia Quarles Sep 13, 2013 4:19 AMTags
Nicole KidmanAndrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Nicole Kidman looked none the worse for wear, but we knew that today hadn't been the greatest for her.

"It was awful, but I got back up," she told E! News tonight on the red carpet at a Calvin Klein pary for New York Fashion Week about being knocked over by a paparazzo on a bicycle outside The Carlyle hotel earlier Thursday.

Asked if she planned to press charges, Kidman said that didn't know anything about the man who ran into her. 

"I know was shaken up because of today," she said. "I'm just here now and I'll deal with it all later."

Watch: Nicole Kidman Talks Scary Bike Incident

The shutterbug was identified by fellow paparazzi as Carl Wu. A source told us that Kidman had been on her way back to her hotel following Calvin Klein's runway show this afternoon when the accident occurred.

NYPD confirmed that a 19-year-old man had struck a woman with his bicycle and was later cited for reckless driving, riding a bicycle on the sidewalk and riding a bike without a helmet.

"I've lived with it for so long now, so I know how to just keep it at bay," Kidman said, referring to going places with a near-constant paparazzi shadow.

But though she's used to such things, "when something like that happens, like today, it can be terrifying," she added. "And luckily I got up but there's going to be a time when somebody doesn't."