Scarlett Johansson Does Her Best New Jersey Accent, Gets Called "Bridge and Tunnel Trash"—Watch Now!

Exclusive! ScarJo finds her inner-Snooki

By Marc Malkin Sep 13, 2013 6:45 PMTags
Watch: Scarlett Johansson's New Jersey Accent

Move over, SnookiScarlett Johansson is giving us some major Jersey girl action.

The Oscar nominee, who gives some playful "trash" talk in the clip above, plays a Garden State gal dating a guy addicted to porn (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) in the new romantic comedy Don Jon (in theaters Sept. 27).

"She's always somewhere back there snapping gum in my ear," Johansson said at the Toronto International Film Festival about finding her inner-Jersey girl. "But it's a character. I grew up in New York. I spent a lot of time in New Jersey. I have a lot of friends from New Jersey."

Gordon-Levitt channeled The Situation for the flick by working out to show off his cut-up bod.

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He smiled, "I ate a lot of chicken."

"So much chicken!" Johansson added. "We'd be in rehearsal, and he'd have a drumstick with him at all times…When we first talked about the movie, I was doing Avengers, I was eating turkey-wrapped chicken and he was like, 'G-d, that looks awful!'"

Eating and accents weren't Gordon-Levitt's only concerns because the movie also marks his directorial debut. He came prepared.

"I did my homework, so I was ready," Gordon-Levitt said about the first day of shooting. "It wasn't so much about, 'Oh, G-d! We're doing this?' It was like, 'I know exactly what we have to do. We have a list. Let's get it done.'"

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