New Girl, 2013

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"I will say that he cannot decide between the two of them."

Forget about Nick (Jake Johnson) and Jess' (Zooey Deschanel) will-they-or-won't-they dilemma of season two, New Girl's third season is all about Schmidt's (Max Greenfield) love triangle dilemma! You see, Schmidt found himself torn between two ladies in his life: Cece (Hannah Simone), his ex who called off her wedding for him, and Elizabeth (Merritt Wever), his old college girlfriend who brings out a softer side of TV's most lovable douche. When pressed by the two ladies to make a decision in the finale, Schmidt chose option C, which was to run away from them.

But Schmidt will definitely make a decision between Cece and Elizabeth and we've got an exclusive video to share with you of the Fox hit sitcom's stars teasing the love triangle and revealing who they think he should pick...

"The great thing about season three is we pick up exactly where we left off," Simone says of the season premiere, which airs Tuesday, Sept. 17. Not coming as much of a surprise, Simone is rooting for Schmidt and Cece, admitting, "As a fan, I believe in them.

"Cece and Schmidt have this incredible connection. They've almost had it right off the bat," she continues. "You think that they're finally going to be able to have a relationship. They have the foundation of friendship, they have the chemistry, smooth sailing...but Schmidt as he is prone to do screws it up."

Cue a new scene from season three featuring Cece dealing with the fallout from calling off her wedding at the altar. "I have been up for 24 hours. I have to return all of these gifts," Cece tells Schmidt when he tells her things are complicated because of Elizabeth. "My 98-year-old grandmother called me a butthole."

But Cece isn't the only New Girl lady to share a special connection with Schmidt, as Wever, who stars on Showtime's Nurse Jackie, explains, "Elizabeth and Schmidt met during college and I think the writers wanted to bring somebody who brought out that side of Schmidt. The younger one who hadn't become so career-oriented yet and so physically-obsessed."

And while Greenfield "can't tell" us who Schmidt chooses, this soundbite from creator Liz Meriwether could be quite telling: "I wanna really like, delve into the Schmidt-Cece thing," she said. "I honestly don't really know what the future is for them."

Don't miss the season three premiere of New Girl Tuesday, Sept. 17 on Fox!

To hear more about Schmidt's "difficult" decision from Greenfield, watch our exclusive clip above!

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