Jimmy Fallon is giving Breaking Bad the Late Night treatment.

The funnyman offered up a 13-minute-long tribute to AMC's critically acclaimed drama, which is closing in on its series finale, with a lovingly spot-on parody titled Joking Bad.

The short finds Fallon donning a bald cap and goatee and giving us his best Walter White impression—sans pants, naturally. After finding out he's only got six more months left at Late Night before he takes over The Tonight Show, he teams up with comedian and Late Night announcer Steve Higgins. Instead of manufacturing meth, however, the duo moonlight writing jokes while Higgins takes the opportunity in every scene to utter "bitch."

Of course, a host of Breaking Bad stars make a cameo, including Mr. Heisenberg himself, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, both of whom pop up in the audience to rag on Fallon. Bob Odenkirk turns up as Jimmy's agent, Saul, who tells him he can't sell jokes one at a time like he's been doing, but he's got to move them "wholesale."

To that end, the comic eventually meets up with The Roots in a smoke-filled RV outside of 30 Rock to do a deal. Along the way, Fallon, aka "Falsenberg," drops a slew of sly references to some of Breaking Bad's most memorable moments to fans' delight.

It's pure hilarity.

(E! and Late Night With Jimmy Fallon are part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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