Don't say Rocky didn't try to warn him.

Days after Sylvester Stallone cautioned fellow action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger about the dangers of politics, the Terminator was struck by a projectile egg during a campus rally Wednesday in Southern California.

Schwarzenegger, on the campaign trail for the California governorship, was yolked on the shoulder as he glad-handed his way to an outdoor platform at Cal State Long Beach. His pale yellow jacket absorbed most of the mess.

The Running Man didn't break stride, and supporters immediately reached out to wipe him clean with their hands. Schwarzenegger shed the jacket, delivering his stump speech (no new taxes, no big tuition hikes, etc.) in his slightly splattered shirtsleeves.

Later, to TV cameras, he shrugged off the pelting.

"This guy owes me bacon now," he cracked.

The identity of the person who dared to egg the Austrian Oak remains unknown. "We don't have any suspects," said Cal State Long Beach spokeswoman Toni Beron.

According to City News Service, the Schwarzenegger appearance drew a mix of enthusiastic Young Republicans and unenthusiastic Latino activists, critical of the candidate for his past support of a California initiative aimed at denying public assistance to illegal immigrants.

The egging came on a day when Schwarzenegger already had egg on his face, per some critics, for skipping the first California gubernatorial debate.

The five top candidates, excluding Schwarzenegger, but including TV pundit Arianna Huffington, were to square off Wednesday night in Walnut Creek, California. Governor Gray Davis, the target of the recall election October 7, also was to speak.

Schwarzenegger was invited to participate but opted instead to show up at Cal State Long Beach. He has said he intends to do only one debate, an event in Sacramento on September 17, in which questions will be provided to the candidates in advance.

On Wednesday, Schwarzenegger said he also would be prepared to field unscripted inquiries at the Sacramento debate.

Despite his A-list star status, Schwarzenegger has been running behind Cruz Bustamante, California's charisma-challenged lieutenant governor, in major polls and running away from a 1977 magazine interview in which he boasted of pot smoking and group sex.

Stallone seemed to anticipate rough times for his muscular movie-star contemporary. Last weekend, he told Reuters politics are "very dangerous waters."

"In that particular field, you can't yell 'action' and 'cut' and 'take two' and 'take three.' It's real," Stallone told the wire service.

Stallone himself said he had no plans to seek public office.

"I personally think actors should remain actors," Stallone said, "but I know [Schwarzenegger has] always had blind ambition for that, so maybe it'll work out great for him."

As soon as they scrape off the rest of the egg.

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