And they're back!

Sass & Bide made their runway return at New York Fashion Week after a five year hiatus and showed a strong comeback with whimsical pieces that were both sophisticated and playful for spring 2014.

We caught up with the designers moments before the show to capture their excitement and get a gauge on how they're furthering their fashion line to speak to their customers.

"We're finding that our line is appealing to all ages. We've got the young, fresh rockers that are coming through, and then we've got the beautiful Sarah Jessica Parker. It seems to appeal to many," said Sarah-Jane Clark alongside creative director Heidi Middleton

Heidi Middleton, Sarah Jane Clarke

Brian Killian/WireImage

The Sydney-based brand has impressively attracted plenty of celebrity fans over the years including Jessica Simpson, Naomi Watts and Nicole Kidman, and is best known for their low-slung denim jeans and slinky tops.

Zoë Kravitz showed up to support the line during Fashion Week and offered this endearing anecdote:

"I remember a long time ago I bought a pair of jeans that were Sass & Bide and I hadn't ever heard of them. It's so amazing for them to come back and, I mean, look at this show! There's so many people here, so I am really happy for them." 

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