Michelle Pfeiffer

Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

Is Michelle Pfeiffer taking her Halloween costume out for a spin? If so, she's going to win whatever costume contest she enters with this very convincing Steven Tyler getup.

Not only is The Family star wearing the screaming singer's signature skinny suit (say that five times fast!), but she's even rocking one of his favorite colorsdeep purplein his favorite fabricvelvet.  It's almost like the former Idol judge filled in for the actresses stylist last minute!

Of course if this Roberto Cavalli suit isn't an intentional impression, the People Like Us actress has some explaining to do...

Yes, she looks regal in this shade of plum, but that fabric also looks like it would be better off as drapes in the Moulin Rouge. And while we like the floral pattern on that busy blouse worn under her busy suit, a simpler style would be far less seizure-inducing.

When you're at this icon's level of talent and success, you can wear almost anything you want, but this look would officially make the list of things even Michelle Pfeiffer can't pull off without Steven Tyler as the excuse.

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