An angel and a waterboy. Of, if you prefer, a 'toon princess and a wedding singer.

Those are the kinds of parts that have made Cameron Diaz and Adam Sandler the highest-paid actress and actor in the world.

Not bad for a California babe and a boy from Brooklyn.

The 2004 edition of Guinness World Records cites the American stars' 2001 earnings as proof, using as reference figures published in Forbes' "Celebrity 100" list. (Jennifer Aniston tops this year's Forbes roster.)

Diaz earned an astonishing $42.2 million in 2001, easily toppling the previous record holder and onetime costar Julia Roberts, to whom Diaz played second fiddle in the 1997 romantic comedy My Best Friend's Wedding.

In the last two Guinness books, Roberts topped the actress list. The Erin Brockovich Oscar winner earned $21.2 million in 2000, the first actress to hit the $20 million-a-movie club. In 2001, Diaz became the second female member after Roberts of the $20 million per movie club when she signed on for the Charlie's Angels sequel.

Sandler's 2001 haul was $49.5 million. That's considerably less than the $70 million the previous record holder, action star Bruce Willis, racked up in 2000.

Diaz, who turns 31 on Saturday, was born in San Diego. As a teen she was a globetrotter, then a fashion model. (Inevitably her early years included topless photos, the subject of an alleged extortion scheme by the photographer.)

Her first role came in The Mask opposite Jim Carrey, for which she was reportedly paid $500,000, but she really gelled as a superstar with the 1998 anarchic comedy There's Something About Mary.

She voiced Princess Fiona in the hit cartoon Shrek and showed off her heavenly assets in Charlie's Angels and its Full Throttle sequel. Other notable films include Being John Malkovich, Vanilla Sky and Gangs of New York.

Diaz, who's currently making the social rounds with Justin Timberlake, is considered such a force that many show-biz types believe she can help bring parity to the Hollywood pay scale, which has always favored male stars. The New York Post quotes an unnamed Industry source estimating Diaz will scoop up around $45 million: She's getting between $25 million and $30 million to star with Carrey in the remake of the 1977 comedy Fun with Dick and Jane, and she is expected to take home about $10 million for giving voice to Fiona again in Shrek 2.

Sandler, 37 on September 9, recently married to long-time girlfriend and sometime costar Jackie Titone. He was born in New York and earned his comedy stripes in the early '90s on Saturday Night Live.

His big hits include such potty-mouthed farces as Happy Gilmore, The Waterboy and Big Daddy. He even played it straight to good reviews in Punch-Drunk Love.

This year he starred in the monster hit Anger Management with Jack Nicholson. His upcoming films include Fifty First Kisses, with Diaz's fellow Angel Drew Barrymore, with whom he previously teamed in the 1998 romantic comedy The Wedding Singer

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