Amanda Seyfried

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Looks like Justin Long can look forward to a few healthy eats now that he's dating Amanda Seyfried!

The blond beauty recently opened up to Marie Claire about her some of her must-haves, including her go-to grocery list, which is brimming with healthy snacks.

Not too surprising, considering the stunning star always has that camera-ready glow.

So, what does the Seyfried pick up on a weekly basis?

The Lovelace star admits she always reaches for almond milk, good-for-you fruits and veggies, as well as easy, on-the-go healthy treats, like Trader Joe's dried fruit. 

And even when it comes to satisfying her sweet tooth, Seyfried reaches for antioxidant-packed dark chocolate.

But on those nights she doesn't feel like cooking, she's been known to indulge in a little take-out—good news for Justin!

Perhaps the two could split her fave order of spicy lemongrass coconut mushroom soup and veggie pad thai as they catch up on Seyfried's must-see shows, The Wire, Scandal or Homeland.

Sounds like a pretty cozy date to us! 

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