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President Barack Obama addressed the nation on Tuesday, Sept. 10, to discuss the United States' potential military involvement in Syria. The commander-in-chief said that for now, the U.S. will not launch a strike against Syria while it works with Russia, China and other allies to force Bashar Assad's regime to hand over its chemical weapons.

Obama, 52, promised that he will not send American troops into Syria. He did, however, argue that a military strike would send a strong message to Assad. "The United States military doesn't do pinpricks," he explained. "Even a limited strike will send a message to Assad that no other nation can deliver."

Shortly after his speech, a handful of celebrities—ranging from an X Factor mentor to a pro football player—weighed in on Obama's tentative plans.

Demi Lovato: "I will always respect and honor whoever is our president. I can't imagine the immense amount of pressure he's under. Just worried."

Piers Morgan: "Fascinated to see how Pres Obama tries to persuade Americans what should be done in #Syria when he doesn't seem to have a clue himself. #CNN"

John Cusack: "Gotcha - mr president - and u sound jjust like bush - "@JPBarlow: The United States Military doesn't do pinpricks. - Barack Obama"

Kerry Washington: "Did you watch the President's address?! (I did, from my trailer, in between scenes...) What did u think? What are your thoughts on #Syria ?!"

Reggie Bush: "Watching the Presidential Address To The Nation. Who else is watching? Should we attack Syria or not?"

Shenae Grimes: "Is anyone else super unnerved by Obama's Syria speech? I'm all for peace over politics but this situation is very unique. What's your take?"

Bryan Greenberg: "Good speech for Obama on Syria. Steadfast but patient."

Jimmy Fallon: "Obama had 2 separate lunches with Republicans & Democrats today. Then Chris Christie said, ‘Maybe I DO want to be president.' #fallonmono"

Josh Groban: "Well, turns out the world is F'd beyond reasonable repair. Obama would have been a great Tevye. ‘On the other hand...'"

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