Julia Roberts has had quite a prestigious career in show business thus far.

But along with all of her accolades (like an Academy Award for Best Actress) and portraying such a wide variety of characters (including a prostitute, which is the role that shot her to fame), fans of the star wonder if she'll follow what seems to be a trend in Hollywood—going from actor to director.

"Oh I won't [direct]," the mom of three tells E! News at the Toronto Film Festival while promoting the premiere of her film August: Osage County.

"I think any housewife will tell you that you're directing pretty much 24/7 so I'll stick to the in-house directing. It's too much for me. I love being an actor, I love being a homemaker and that's good for me," Roberts continued.

In fact, it turns out the A-lister is pretty amazing in the kitchen.

Roberts shared with us, "I'm quite a good cook. I'm like a closet home ec teacher...I can really cook anything."

Well, Julia, if you ever find yourself with an excess of leftovers, we'll be more than happy to take them off your hands.

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