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By TV Scoop Team Sep 11, 2013 1:00 PMTags
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Fall TV, we missed you so!

Don't you just love the smell of fresh scoop in the morning? Well, we do, and we decided to be nice and share some of our goodies with you. So what are we serving up in today's Spoiler Chat? We've got scoop on what comes next on Sons of Anarchy after that shocking premiere, even more details on How I Met Your Mother's premiere and why the Revenge premiere will make Twitter "explode." Plus, we've included spoilers on Arrow's dark turn in season two, 2 Broke Girls' new obsession, the new season of The Mindy Project and more!!

So what are you waiting for? Indulge...

Matthew: Missing my favorite show, Dallas! Would love to get some spoilers on the new season!
New series regular alert! Prepare to meet Nicholas Trevino, a charming and witty Latin businessman, who is roguish and a slight gambler. (Think Sir Jimmy Goldsmith.)

Jon in Cleveland: Holy Sons of Anarchy! That premiere was insane. What's coming up next…I'm dying to know!
More turmoil ahead for Jax and Tara. Sorry, shippers. Tara has a sneaky plan to break away from Jax, and things are going to get worse before they get better. If things ever do get better, that is. And while that school shooting situation may have felt like it came out of nowhere, the next episode will reveal why it's relevant to the SAMCRO club.

Nora: I saw in your How I Met Your Mother article that Lily is the first one to meet The Mother! What can you spill about that scene?
We think you meant to say scenes, as in more than one. Get pumped, HIMYM fans, because you will be treated to a whole lotta The Mother in the first 30 minutes when season nine premieres. Not only is she a fantastic baker, we learn in a very short amount of time that The Mother has an insane amount of things in common with our beloved Ted—including a love of silly road-trip detours and leather driving gloves. All of this may sound random now, but once you watch the episode, it'll make perfect sense, we promise.

Shawn: Can't wait to return to the Hamptons! What can we expect from Revenge‘s new season?
Here are three reasons to tune in to season three: "We lose an essential castmember in our very first episode. A new love interest for everyone," Gabriel Mann teases. "All the guys are naked this season; it's just bananas!" So who is Nolan's new love interest? "I can't tell you who, but you're going to meet someone very early in the season that I will be getting very close to. I think Twitter is going to explode when it happens."

Jordin Althaus/FOX

Beth: In dire need of some scoop on Arrow!
Prepare to see a darker Laurel in season two after the events of the finale. "She has definitely grieved a bit and tried to deal with the death of Tommy and the Glades being destroyed, and I feel she has mainly focused her energy on working to distract herself so she does not have to deal with it. She definitely goes into a darker place," Katie Cassidy teold us at the Hervé Léger show at New York Fashion Week. "You see her doing stuff that you would never imagine or think she would do, but it's credited because Tommy passed." First comes a dark place, then comes Black Canary tights?! Fingers crossed.

Ashlee: Tell me everything you know about James Franco's guest role on The Mindy Project!
Sure thing! We literally know everything about the season premiere, where we first meet Franco's character. No big deal, but we've watched the entire episode because we have supersecret Fox clearance and...wait. Turns out, Fox put the season-two premiere online for everyone to enjoy. They might have made up that "supersecret clearance" thing. Oh, well. Watch the hilarious first episode of The Mindy Project's new season here.

Vicki: Anything on 2 Broke Girls to share with us?
Cupcakes are so last season, right? An upcoming episode of the CBS sitcom will be all about the cronut, which has taken New York City (and the rest of the country) by storm. Max and Caroline will battle it out with an older couple for the hot foodie commodity…and let's just say things might get ugly. Hey, waiting in line hungry leads to some anger aka they are all super "hangry."

Kira: Anything on The Middle's new season?
Axl is going to get a tough lesson in being a college freshman, especially since he's part of the football team. One word: hazing. And it will not be pretty. We're talking being whisked away from girls just when he gets flirty with them and being locked out of a party that's happening in his own dorm room! Welcome to the college experience, bud.

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