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James Franco. Timothy Olyphant. Glenn Howerton.

Hardest game of "Kill, Marry, Screw" ever? Nope, just a few of the guest stars fans will be seeing on The Mindy Project when it returns for its second season on Tuesday, Sept. 17. Yes, that Mindy Kaling is one lucky, lucky lady, and we just so happened to chat with her at Fox's Fall Premiere Party. She dished to us how she lands all these guest stars and why she's trying to ruin our lives by not having Mindy and Danny (Chris Messina) get together immediately.

Just your usual Monday night conversation!

No, Kaling isn't a top-notch witch who brews guest star potions and/or blackmails all the hottest men in Hollywood to get them to appear on the hit Fox series.

"The thing is, when we get them is we're getting guys we think are really funny who approach us to be on the show. Then they happen to be really cute," Kaling explains. "But it seems like I'm just spinning a wheel of the best-looking guys I can find."

Yes, Kaling is just that awesome that actors are asking her if they can appear on The Mindy Project. "That's probably the most flattering part of it is that Timothy Olyphant wants to come spend the week with us," Kaling says. "For us, we get attached to everyone and then they go off. We feel honored that that level of talent has been into doing the show."

Two actors she's yet to land on the series? "Idris Elba and Channing Tatum." Make it happen, TV Gods!

And though each new love interest cast is like a dagger in our Danny and Mindy-shippin' hearts, Kaling had some good news for us regarding the couple. "We have really good juicy stuff. If you like Danny and Mindy, there's going to be some really good stuff to sink your teeth into." Huzzah!

The Mindy Project premieres Tuesday, Sept. 17 at 9 p.m. on Fox, but you can watch the premiere online right now. You're welcome!

To hear more from Kaling, including what surprised her most about James Franco and how long she'll be rocking her short hair on the show, watch our interview with her above!

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