Jessica Alba


Need a hand?!

Jessica Alba was caught taking a selfie during a match at the U.S. Open in New York Monday.

The actress was snapping a pic of herself with her iPhone while enjoying the tennis game in the stands.

And while her pals were sitting next to her, it seems like Alba was having way more fun trying to capture the perfect snapshot all on her own. We get it, sometimes you just have to take things into your own hands!

The best part about the Alba selfie sitch? That we can see what her cellphone screen shows almost better than she can!

The mother of two appeared happier than ever while making a funny face and waving at the camera.

She was dressed in her best tennis chic attire—a wool fedora to shield her head from the sun and a striped Oxford shirt.

Her girlfriend looked on with a smile as Alba poked fun at herself. Meanwhile, Amanda Seyfried was seated in the row in front of Alba and didn't seem to notice the goings on behind her.

But don't go judging this beauty for her selfie skills, we've all been there!

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