This Is What Justin Bieber Would Look Like With a Real Mustache

Biebs showed off a little whispy thing during Fashion Week, but we have a few other looks that might work for him

By John Boone Sep 09, 2013 7:10 PMTags
Justin Bieber, Fashion WeekJemal Countess/Getty Images for Y-3

Over the weekend, Justin Bieber attended the Y-3 runway show during New York's Merdeces-Benz Fashion Week. But it wasn't any fashion that caught our eye—it was the wispy 'stache on Bieber's top lip!

Our little Biebs is all grown up! Cue the bar mitzvah music, because Justin Bieber is a man now!

Now, Justin is currently rocking something between a Michael Cera-light and a John Waters prototype, but we have faith that in a few years he'll be able to grow a full face of facial hair!

And since it only takes one simple swipe of Photoshop's smudge tool to remove the mustache he has now, we decided to try out a few other famous ‘staches to show Justin what he could look like:

The Tom Selleck

Variations could include the Ron Swanson, the Ron Burgundy or the Burt "The Mustache" Reynolds.

The Duck Dynasty

The Fu Man Chu

The Hipster Handlebar

The Charlie Chaplin

The Lorax

The Hulk Hogan

Well, we can stop right there, because that is the perfect look for you, J.B.

And you're welcome, brother.