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WARNING: There are spoilers ahead from Sunday night's season 4 premiere of Boardwalk Empire! Read at your own risk.

The season 4 premiere of Boardwalk Empire has finally arrived and like each and every episode of the HBO hit drama, it certainly did not leave us disappointed. Complete with betrayals, shocking ambushes, sexual rendezvous and more than a few fatal blows—"New York Sour" was filled to the brim with jaw-dropping moments.

Steve Buscemi is back and better than ever as Nucky Thompson and even though this episode was not his character's most compelling hour, it was still great to have the man who runs Atlantic City back on our TV screens each week. 

So let's reflect on all the crazy that went down, shall we? The episode begins with snow swirling around outside of a bar with some sketchy-looking assumed gangsters complaining about the radio. The group claims to be having trouble with their car but when the shot widens we see that Harrow (Jack Huston) has killed some of the men and he shows no sign of stopping. Yikes! Harrow swiftly snatches the title to his car and moves along his way back home to Emma.

Meanwhile over in Atlantic City, Dunn Pursely (Erik LaRay Harvey) is having a meeting in a theater complete with dim lights, pretty women, and some extremely impressive tap-dancing. A woman is there with her husband but she clearly has the hots for Dunn, so after a sexually suggestive napkin was exchanged, they two escape to have sex. After discovering that it was just a sick and twisted racial sex game, Dunn confronts the man who is holding a gun to him, smashes a bottle over his head and repeatedly stabs him with the broken bottle.

A few other notable episode highlights: Nucky sleeps with a girl who has delusions of making it to the bright lights of Broadway. Warren kills the garage owner. And Al Capone (Stephen Graham) is still working under Johnny Torrio.

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