Best Things of the Week

We have a hunch Beyoncé is one of those gals who celebrate their birthday for the whole week, not just the day of. Rightfully so, we say! So we're down to make every day this week her b'day.

That said, you can only play "Grown Woman" on repeat for so long.

And since Queen B hasn't given us any other new music in a while, we were forced to look elsewhere. So we followed another Knowles sister, Solange, to a seriously killer album: The Electric Lady by Janelle Monáe.

Here's a taste of the goodness on Ms. Monáe's sophomore release:

The birth of Beyoncé and The Electric Lady are just a few of our favorite things this week. We also love...

The return of Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Lattes (how many PSLs have you had so far? Be honest.) Our trip to Burning Man. And more importantly, our trip back. Plus, something for comic book lovers, fashionistas and trashy TV addicts alike.

And what would a week in pop culture be without an adorable kitten or two? This week, they're wearing little hats!

We rounded up our 10 favorite things in pop culture this week for another installment of The E! List. Now get to clicking through the gallery and check out everything we're obsessed with right now!

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