Women's Health, Pink

Women's Health

There's no doubt that Pink is a rock star with a rock-hard physique!

But it may please her fans to know that the singer actually has to work hard to achieve her fabulously fit form—unlike those stars who frustratingly claim they can eat whatever they want.

The blond beauty, who opens up about her intense workout routines—yes, plural!—as the October cover girl of Women's Health magazine, reveals she regularly hits the gym five times a week, logging in time doing everything from circuit training to treadmill intervals, and often calling on trainer Jeanette Jenkins for a little extra push.

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"She's a beast," Jenkins jokes of Pink's intense dedication.

But just like the rest of us, the workout queen still tries to spice up her fitness regimen up by trying new things and embracing those exercises that will keep her just as entertained as they will toned.

"My favorite workout right now is hot yoga, but my favorite workout in general is my show, being onstage because I get to have fun while I'm sweating!" she admits. "Don't even know how many calories I'm burning!"

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Women's Health, Pink

Women's Health

And though some might find her fab form and impressive fitness routine a little intimidating, Pink is quick to point out that she has her weaknesses. 

"I had to sit down four times and really decide who I am and whether I wanted to stay," she said of the hot yoga classes, which she found surprisingly hard.

And when it comes to food, she has a few guilty pleasures too.

Women's Health, Pink

Women's Health

"I'm afraid of the world running out of cheesecake, especially Cheesecake Factory," she said when asked to list her greatest fears. "And then I would also have to be afraid of the world running out of key limes because key lime cheesecake is the best kind of cheesecake there is."

While she tries to eat as healthily as possible, she also admits she'll never give up bread, cheese or pasta.

"I'd love to be 10 pounds thinner, but it's not in the cards for me," she revealed. "And I'm totally OK with that."

If we could look as great as she did, we'd scarf up carbs too!

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