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Remember that time Jay Ryan told us Ben & Jerry's ice cream sales would go through the roof after Beauty and the Beast's season two premiere? Turns out, he was are going to need the comfort a bit earlier!

The CW breakout drama returns for its sophomore season on Monday, Oct. 7, and Beasties who have been eagerly awaiting the reunion of Vincent (Ryan) and Catherine (Kristin Kreuk), who were separated in the finale after he was kidnapped, are surely going to be heading out for some ice cream/tissues/wine after checking out this exclusive season two poster we got our hands on.

In the new promo shot, Vincent is seen tearing apart a photo of VinCat's faces. Try and avoid the money-makers next time, pal! Looks like Vincent's Beast side will be taking over this fall. Beast is the new black, people!

So what can fans expect from the season two premiere (which Kreuk described as "achingly romantic" when we caught up with her at Comic-Con in July)?

"Oh, it's a really intense episode. The show's pace is going up this season, so a lot is happening," Kreuk previewed. "We're three months ahead; three months has passed since the finale, so they're getting filled in on a lot of what happened during that time."

With Beauty and the Beast veering away from the procedural element in favor of heavier mythology, Ryan teased, "The fans are almost going to be one or two steps ahead for each character, so they're going to know what's behind the door. It's going to have this thriller, nail-biting tension to it."

Beauty and the Beast returns on Monday, Oct. 7 at 9 p.m. on the CW.

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