Kate Upton, Style Awards

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Take note, fashion world. That is Kate Uptoninternational supermodel, Sports Illustrated cover girl and this year's Model of the Yearwearing a mostly covered cocktail dress, and she looks hot.

If we're being honest, this Altuzarra design look is borderline boring. No offense to moms of the universe, but every one of them could wear this dress to a wedding and look perfectly age appropriate. So why is one of the most envied bodies in the business hiding behind so much fabric? Because she knows how to give us an inch and leave us wanting a mile. 

Lesson #1 - Draw your crowd in with a little bit of cleavage. Kate's deep V neckline isn't a total ta-ta show, but it's enough to showcase her figure while keeping her style sophisticated.

Lesson #2 - Shorter isn't always better. This knee-length skirt is just as sexy as the super short version because it's tight around the bottom for a pin-up-girl and offers some unexpected edge thanks to the sheer slit.

Lesson #3 - If the look is fitted, the hair should be flowing! Kate lets her blonde locks bounce, clearing up any confusion about her ability to have fun in this somewhat formal look.

That concludes today's lesson, but we suspect this cover model has more style smarts to share!

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