Good Morning America, Heat Index, Weight Loos Gif, 88 pounds


Go Amanda!

The 26-year-old, who has only revealed her first name, has dropped 88 pounds since 2011, a life-transforming weight loss that she chronicled in monthly photos posted to Reddit.

In addition to the reward of simply looking fabulous and being in better health, she was also honored yesterday for her hard work by a fellow Reddit user, who took Amanda's photos and made a time-lapse GIF that makes it look as if the young lady is slimming down in mere seconds.

And Amanda loved it!

"Dude, this is flattering as hell. Thank you!" she wrote on Reddit in response to the GIF that kept on giving, having gone viral in hours.

"I always felt like my story was sort of a dime a dozen, as like you said, there are tons of 'victory' posts on here and elsewhere on the Internet, and definitely no shortage of diet 'advice,'" Amanda continued. "My goal when drafting my post from a year ago was to articulate my weight loss journey in a way that was accessible, straight-forward and easy for people to digest (puns lol).

"I don't know if it accomplished this or not, but I'm continually thankful people find it compelling enough to make changes in their own lives. In the end, that is what's really important."

Amanda's starting weight was 222 and, as she told Good Morning America today, she figured that keeping a photo diary online would help her stay on track. She says that she abided by the high-fat, moderate-protein Keto diet.

"I figured if I [took pictures] at least once a month, at the end of however long it took, I would have this really cool end product," she said.

"I don't think I was actually prepared for the amount of emotional investment. People bare their souls when they want to take back their health."

And in so doing she found a very supportive community online.

"I want to let everyone know that my goal for going on national television was not to just talk about myself, but to really highlight how much the Reddit communities have helped me and continue to help others," she wrote to her new-found fans today. "I really sincerely hope this is appropriately conveyed. I love everyone to pieces and hope I can continue to participate in this community in a constructive and meaningful way."

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