Just add rapper to Nicole Richie's impressive résumé.  

The 32-year-old mother, fashion mentor and reality star decided to tackle her first rap track on her AOL webseries, Candidly Nicole.  And her entertaining debut did not disappoint.

The mini-episode called "Nicole Knows Hip-Hop" begins with Richie talking about her passion for rap music and needing music that "she can relate to."  Jump to her meeting up with her brother-in-law Benji Madden and up-and-coming rapper Ebone Hoodrich in the recording studio.  

The first order of business? Coming up with the name of the mixtape.

"Nikki Rich," she says without hesitation. 

Ebone then asks Richie what they are going to rap about, also known as the hook.

Richie admits she just got bangs to which Ebone responds with her first lyric: "I'm a stunnah, just got my hair done for the summah."

Nicole Richie


She also ponders other activities she does while she is home to include in her track.  She ultimately decides to rap about making gluten-free spaghetti. Of course!

The duo also comes to the conclusion that they don't need to use R's in their rap tune.

"R's are for losers," Richie quips.

Then it's time to hit the recording studio.

Nicole Richie


Richie changes up her look for her big moment behind the mic opting to wear a black tank top with jean shorts, a black beanie, several gold chains and bright red lipstick.

"Errybody know I'm a stunna," Richie raps. "Getting hair done for the summer."

The hilarious clip ends with Richie professing that her concerts are going to be sold out.

So, what do you think of Richie's hysterical first rap song? Sound off in the comments!

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