Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley, GQ Men of the Year Awards

Joel Ryan/Invision/AP Images

Well, if you're going to break the world's most famous rule of fashion, you may as well do it in a dress like this.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is clearly thumbing her nose at the rule-makers of the runway in this sexy LWD (yes, little white dress!) or in this case, she's thumbing her flawless arms, legs and figure. We can't blame the supermodel for wanting to hold on to summer, especially since the summer heat is going strong, but this Versace mini isn't making any attempt to honor the arrival of fall.

But season-appropriate style aside, we're not sure we even love this futuristic look. The PVC fabric feels a little Bond girl meets Austin Powers extra. Rosie saves the look from going too '70s with modern pumps, but it still shines like a Studio 54 costume.

Then again, considering the body it's highlighting, a little shine isn't such a bad thing. So can we forgive the controversial color and totally outdated fabric on account of this perfect fit? Yes, but just this once!

Though, knowing what Rosie is capable of, that's a pretty shallow threat...

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