Crazy, but that's not how Jack wants to go.

The youngest member of the Osbourne clan has come clean about his drug addiction and claims he checked into rehab after taking a close look at his party-hearty pals.

After his return home from rehab June 18, Jack Osbourne sat down with MTV News to tape a tell-all interview about his drug abuse and recovery. The once omnipresent cameras at the Osbourne Beverly Hills manse didn't capture the moment for the family's reality series, since crews had already finished taping the third and final season currently airing on the music network.

Ozzy's 17-year-old son, who openly dabbled with pot and booze, says his greatest reality check came while partying with his friends.

"I took myself out of the picture for a second, and I looked around at every single person in the room, at who they were, how old they were and what they had going on in their lives. A lot of them were near 30, unemployed, living off their parents. There were heroin addicts; there were the world's biggest couch potatoes. And it was like, I don't want to be like that. I don't want my life to be controlled by a drug. I want to be in control of my life."

Jack says he appealed to his mother, Sharon, for help while high on OxyContin and other drugs.

"I was really loaded, and I just sat on my mom's bed, and I just said, 'I am going to go pack my bags, I'm ready to go, I want to go, I need to go.' "

The rock progeny checked himself into a detox facility in Pasadena on April 23 "to make some changes in his life" and "with the full support of his parents," said the family's spokesperson at the time. Jack's decision was partially chalked up to living in the media spotlight, which had reportedly caused him to suffer from depression and insomnia.

Sharon, who has admitted to regrets in the past about placing her family in MTV's fishbowl and said she blamed herself for her son's drug and alcohol abuse.

"The first thing I did was put blame on myself--and, in a way, I always will," Sharon says in the new issue of Us Weekly. "It's a natural reaction of a mother to think, What could I have done differently? What could I have done wrong? I thought I was a cutting-edge mom, and I didn't even know what was happening."

Jack's interview, taped in his bedroom, airs on MTV July 8.

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