Amazing Race Cast Revealed! Plus, Watch the Season 23 Trailer

The Double Express Pass twist is back!

By Jenna Mullins Aug 29, 2013 4:58 PMTags
Amazing RaceCliff Lipson/CBS

Fans of races that are amazing, you're in luck!

CBS has announced the cast competing in the upcoming season of the Emmy-winning reality series The Amazing Race, premiering Sunday, Sept. 29. Besides the usual action and hijinks, season 23 will also bring back the Double Express Pass twist, in which the first team to check in to the first stop will earn two express passes, one to keep for themselves and one to hand out to another team by the end of the fifth leg

Let's get to know the teams racing around the world for $1 million, shall we?

1. Hoskote Venkatesh, ER Doctor and Naina Venkatesh, Fitness Instructor (father/daughter)
2. Jason Case, Owner of a Snowplow Company and Amy Diaz, Social Media Manager (boyfriend/girlfriend)
3. Leo Temory, Entrepreneur/Restaurateur and Jamal Zadran, CEO/Owner of Z.I.G. (cousins)
4. Tim Wiyninger, Oilfield Plant Operator and Danny Merkey, Oil Field Operator (best friends)
5. Rowan Joseph, actor/Voiceover Artist and Shane Partlow, actor/producer (theater costars)
6. Brandon Squyres, Contractor and Adam Switzer, Eco-friendly farmer  (childhood friends)
7. Ally Mello, LA Kings Ice Crew Girl and Ashley Covert, LA Kings Ice Crew Girl (coworkers)
8. Nicole Jasper, ER Physician and Travis Jasper, ER Physician (married)
9. Nicky Getz, Baseball Wife and Kim DeJesus, Baseball Wife (married to baseball players)
10. Timothy Sweeney,  Sports Marketing  and Marie "Reebs" Mazzocchi, Fitness Trainer/Gym Owner (exes)
11. Chester Pitts II, Sports Analyst/Executive Consultant and Ephraim Salaam, Cohost of Fox Sports Live (former NFL teammates)

Watch the trailer for the new season of The Amazing Race below!