Zach Braff has already proved he knows how to direct (See: indie-classic Garden State), but he knows that he's got something new to prove with his latest project.

"If this is the test case for this way of financing a movie, I want to set the bar really, really high," the Scrubs star told E! News from the set of Wish I Was Here, the Kickstarter-financed film he's currently directing and starring in after cowriting the script with his brother Adam Braff.

Though Braff was initally criticized by some fellow stars for soliciting funds from average Joes, ultimately more than 46,000 donors contributed upward of $3.1 million—and it's game on!

Wish I Was Here also stars Kate Hudson, Jim Parsons, Josh Gad, Ashley Greene, Mandy Patinkin, Joey King and Braff's former Scrubs BFF Donald Faison, so apparently not all of Hollywood disapproved.

"What fascinated me more than anything was the process of this Kickstarter campaign and getting the money through crowd-funding," Gad also told E! "It really does feel like you're making a movie for the people."

And Braff is letting the people speak.

"If any of these 46,000 people email us or contact us they get a response that day, hopefully within a couple of hours, depending on how crazy we are," Braff said. "All questions are answered quickly...We treat them like they're guests at the fanciest hotel and we're the concierge."

That would make Jennifer Terry, whose first movie date with her husband was Garden State, a VIP. She contributed $10,000 and is actually going to be in Braff's movie.

Watch the clip to see what Jennifer has to say about living the dream—and find out how Braff recently fulfilled two of his own childhood dreams!

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