Patrick Stewart, Quadruple Take Masterclass Video


Should you ever come across something that requires a quadruple take, Patrick Stewart wants you to be prepared.

The Star Trek star's fiancée, Sunny Ozell, filmed the 73-year-old actor as he taught a "Quadruple Take Masterclass" on his roof deck, which was then subsequently uploaded on YouTube so that his wisdom could be shared with numerous aspiring actors (or just anyone that wanted a good laugh).

Dressed casually in a gray hoodie, Stewart, who sits with his knees up as his leading lady's well-pedicured toes rest upon them, begins to explain the process.

"So we're at the point of this class, where I'm about to show you quadruple take. It's a rarely used device in comedy, but it has it's place. Now, you've already seen the take, the double take and the triple take," he explains.

And if at any point in time, you thought Stewart was just trying to be funny, he makes it clear that this is serious business when he tells Ozell to be quiet and pay attention, "I'm just going to run through them one more time just to remind you—hush, you're hear to learn not to talk—I'm just going to run through them one more time to make sure you've got them. When I finish, there will be a little pause, then I will show you the quadruple take."

OK, he is just trying to be funny. And it's working.

"Now what you have to understand about the quadruple take is it is not in the same style as the take, single or double take. It's a different style of physical comedy," he added, before he began exemplifying the different takes.

Stewart uses the line, "Her buns are the best," as his cue for each take.

Clearly, everyone has experienced a single take just by glancing over at something, and most likely have also participated in a double take if a really hot person has walked by or you see someone that looks familiar. A triple take is a little more rare, however the celeb makes it clear that all you really have to do is increase the turn of your neck each glance.

But, a quadruple take is its own ball game.

According to Stewart's lesson—and he knows best, so this must be the correct format—you literally do a half neck roll each time you look over. It kind of looks straining and like it might leave you dizzy afterwards, especially since he did five glances instead of four.

"That actually might have been the quintuple take, because I lost count halfway through it," he joked.

Note to Stewart: Please make more Masterclass videos. Thanks.

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