Lady Gaga


Here's something we don't say too often: Lady Gaga is covering up!

The "Applause" singer stepped out in London earlier today wearing a much more conservative look than her nearly-naked VMAs seashell bikini thong.

The 27-year-old was dressed up in a gray business skirt and matching business jacket over a lavender bra (still no shirt, of course!). Gaga completed her mostly-covered up look with nude heels, black bag and a wild black hat with tall feathers sticking out of it. Guess even formal wear is an opportunity for Gaga to make a bold fashion statement!

Meanwhile, Gaga, who had minimal makeup on, sported long red hair with ribbons and seashells tide into her locks. She flashed a giant smile while being photographed.

Earlier this week, Gaga was spotted in NYC heading to the airport in a wild and wacky black jumpsuit that looked like it was inspired by an ‘80s Richard Simmons workout video.

Lady Gaga: always keeping us guessing.

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