Pretty Little Liars Finale: Can You Believe [Spoiler!] is A?! Plus, Sasha Pieterse Teases Twin Theories and What’s Ahead!

Exclusive! Actress dishes on what's coming in season four after shocking PLL summer finale

By Leanne Aguilera Aug 28, 2013 2:46 AMTags
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WARNING: There are MAJOR spoilers ahead from Tuesday night's summer finale of Pretty Little Liars! Read at your own risk.

Oh my gosh! What?! No way! Did you see that?! Holy freakin' crap!

We've just finished watching the summer finale of Pretty Little Liars and after passing out for a solid three minutes from pure, unadulterated shock, we're back and ready to discuss that mind-blowing episode!

Plus, to help clear up any confusion you may have, we've snagged exclusive details from Sasha Pieterse about Ali's fate, the "can't-miss" Halloween special and what's coming up in the second half of season four.

Oh and for all you pretty little book lovers out there, we made sure to ask Pieterse if the name Courtney DiLaurentis means anything to her—and you'll never guess what she said!

OK, we just need to scream this right now: Ezra (Ian Harding) is A?! Not gonna lie, our heads are spinning and we're still having difficulty processing this news. After chasing after not one, but two Red Coats, Spencer (Troian Bellisario) led the liars into A's official lair. (And speaking of Red Coat, CeceDrake almost died and we've got strong suspicions that the other Lady Red is Ali. Crazy, right?!)

From the giant pictures of Ali plastered on the walls to a super high-tech computer monitoring system and creepy timelines featuring each and every character, it looks like this ultra-lair is definitely the real deal. The girls pieced some of the puzzle together and realized that A is actually a man and most likely he's "Board–shorts," the guy that Ali was hooking up with the summer she disappeared.

So why do we think that our sweet, Aria-loving Ezra is "Board-shorts" you ask? In the very last minute of the episode, a man in a black hoodie stormed into the lair. He turned around and we saw good ole Mr. Fitz, dressed in a black baseball cap and clearly ultra-pissed that our fab foursome had invaded his secret space. 

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While we let that news sink in, let's talk about the night's other big shocker: Ali could be alive?! Pieterse told us that we would get clues about Ali's fate, but it's still hard to believe that our blond bombshell has been hiding in the shadows of Rosewood as for the past four years. And Emily (Shay Mitchell) made a very good point asking, "If Ali's alive, then who's funeral did we go to?"

Known around the interwebs as the Twin Theory, many book fans have always assumed that creator Marlene King would follow PLL author Sara Shepard's lead and write a sister twist into the show. The novels featured a complicated storyline of identity snatching involving Alison's twin sister, Courtney DiLaurentis.

However, Pieterse reveals that the TV series is not touching upon that complicated family matter—at least not yet.  "I think the writers and the producers have kind of mentioned that they're not going in that route," the actress confirms. "If there is such a thing as a twin in Rosewood, it's probably not for Alison, that's also something to keep in mind." 

The 17-year-old continues, "There are twists and turns that I've heard about, but not when it comes to a twin. They keep us in the dark too so I won't say never, but no not for now." Phew! That's good to know. Keeping track of one DiLaurentis daughter is challenging enough!

Looking ahead to the Halloween special, Pieterse says that the Liars' adventures in Ravenswood are going to keep you on the edge of your seat. Not only are we going to finally learn the truth about Ali, this episode will also be the catalyst for the second half of the season. "You will find out for sure in the Halloween episode," she teases. "You find out if Alison is alive or dead and I think that is going to be a really cool thing for me and a really big treat."

Pieterse says she is looking forward to fans learning a lot more about Ali when the second half of season four premieres in January. "You are definitely going to see more of Ali and that's definitely something Marlene has promised and she is also keeping her word," The PLL star spills. "You will definitely see more of Ali in ways that you never thought that would happen. Alison came in contact with people that you would never dream of and everyone is connected in this show."

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And we have one last bit of good news to share with all you PLL fans! Tomorrow we will be chatting with A himself, so leave any questions you're dying to ask Ian Harding in the comments below!