Total Divas Nikki Bella Talks About Her Sex Number With John Cena Before Heading to Las Vegas

By Jeffrey Wisenbaugh Aug 27, 2013 10:48 PMTags
Watch: What is Nikki Bella's Number?

What's your "number"?


That's what WWE Superstar John Cena wants to know in this exclusive clip from Sunday's episode of Total Divas.


The Divas headed to Las Vegas to celebrate Nattie's bachelorette party in a big way before her big day. In these exclusive behind the scenes photos from the trip, the Divas look like they're having a great time!


They're hanging out in the pool and soaking up that hot Vegas sun.

Dale Berman/E!

But before WWE Diva Nikki Bella heads to Sin City, she's asked about her sex number in a high-end boutique.


Nikki and John are picking out a bachelorette gift for Nattie when Nikki gossips that Nattie's only "been" with her fiance, TJ (Tyson Kidd).


John says the most important thing is that Nattie's happy. Nikki admits she thinks it's amazing and says her family would "do backflips" if she herself was like that. She's not like that?


The WWE Superstar is intrigued and asks, "Is this where I ask you for a number?" She answers with a hard "No."

Nikki gets really embarrassed and says she hasn't been with that many people. John jokingly says, "Hopefully it's between one and a thousand…"


Watch the clip above to see the hilarious exchange and see if Nikki spills her number!


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