Prince William


Prince William's experienced a lot of happiness since the birth of Prince George, but his life has also been touched by a tragedy.

Lieutenant Colonel David Parkinson, a retired Army officer who helped run the Kenyan game reserve where William proposed to Kate Middleton in 2010, was murdered on Sunday, Aug. 25, per Sky News. A press officer for William, who had met Parkinson at the game reserve, said he was "saddened" by the horrific news.

According to Sky News, 58-year-old Parkinson was home with his wife, Sonja, when a gang of five robbers with machetes and a gun broke into their house in the early hours of the morning. Police said Parkinson's hand was cut off and he was fatally wounded. His wife was able to escape to a storeroom and hide until the robbers fled, said police. After they intruders were gone, she emerged to find her husband's dead body.

The robbers reportedly stole items including a laptop, phone, some ornaments, bottles of wine and £2. On Sunday afternoon, one of the suspects from a nearby village was arrested after an extensive manhunt conducted by police.

William and Kate's time at the Kenyan ranch Parkinson surely made them love the area even more. In fact, the new dad told CNN Prince George will have an African-themed bedroom. "I'll have toy elephants and rhinos around the room," he revealed in the one-hour special, Prince William's Passion: New Father. He said that it was his parents, Prince Charles and Princess Diana, who instilled a love for the country in him at a young age—something he hopes to share with little George.

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