Eric Bana Talks to Chelsea Handler About Being a "Man of the Bush"—Watch

Actor chats about his love of the great outdoors during an appearance on Chelsea Lately

By Peter Gicas Aug 27, 2013 1:25 PMTags

Ah, leave it to Chelsea Handler to humorously turn something into a double entendre.

When Eric Bana stopped by Monday's Chelsea Lately, the subject of the Australian actor's love for the great outdoors quickly became a topic of conversation.

"You're like a race-car driver and you do all the stuff in the bush. You go deep in the bush," Handler said to Bana before she turned to the camera and clarified, "The real bush. The Australian bush."

"I do love getting into the bush, absolutely," Bana noted.

The 45-year-old hunk added, "You do run into all kinds of animals when you race around the bush at home. There's a lot of kangaroos, a lot of snakes."

Later, when Handler brings up Bana's supposed love of surfing, he quickly corrects her, saying, "Chelsea, I don't surf. I know you think, 'He's Australian, so therefore he must surf,' but no, I do not surf. I'm a man of the bush, as you say. I'm not a man of the sea."

To which Handler replies, "I understand. It's a conflict, actually, because sometimes the bush meets the sea."

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