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New TV season, new love interests!

On Nashville, one of our leading ladies will be cozying up to a brand new dude, and we've got scoop on that steamy storyline. And brace yourselves: is someone getting killed off on a certain CBS drama series?! All that, plus scoop on New Girl, White Collar, Pretty Little Liars and more in today's Spoiler Chat:

Monica: Nashville is the show I just can't quit. Will Connie Britton get some lovin' this season?
Yup! Rayna is getting a hot new love interest, a guest star who might be all famous and fancy-like. His name will be Luke, and he is extremely charming and can sing and play guitar very well. (Adam Levine, anyone?) Expect these two to make some beautiful music, but it probably won't last more than five episodes. So don't get your panties in a bunch. Mostly because it's uncomfortable. 

Gemma: No NCIS: LA spoilers in what seems like ages! Help me!
We just chatted with the cast at their 100th episode party, and they shared some scoop that's actually quite dire. "When we come back Sam and Deeks are being tortured," Chris O'Donnell tells us, adding that we'll find out more about Callen's family and what the hell that "G" stands for. Meanwhile, Daniela Ruah revealed that she heard a character will be leaving at the end of the season! Say whaaa?!

Andrew in Valparaiso, Ind.: So how does Peter get out of prison on White Collar?
Well, we can't reveal exact details on that, but we can turn it over to Matt "Blue Eyes That Stare Right Into Our Souls" Bomer to tell us about the Peter-Neal relationship in the new season. "I am really excited about this season! It's all about this Faustian bargain; a deal that Neil makes with the devil in exchange for Peters freedom and it just creates this interesting dynamic on the show because the show is all about trust," he tells us. "Once again Neil always has the best intentions but it puts him in a very compromising position." Are you guys also thinking of a dirty joke involving Matt Bomer and the phrase "compromising position"? Just us?

Claire: I can't breathe! The Pretty Little Liars summer finale is almost here and I'm SO excited! What can you tell us?!
First of all we can tell you that you should probably take a few deep breaths. It would be a shame to see you pass out from excitement before getting to watch tonight's mind-blowing summer finale. That's right, we said MIND-BLOWING. We had a loooong chat with PLL star Sasha Pieterse and she tells us that this is one hour that you absolutely cannot miss. "They're calling it world war A for a very good reason," she says. "I think people are going to get a real shocker but it's going to be so satisfying because you're going to get all these answers and you're going to be able to make sense of it all." Check back later this morning on the TV Scoop page for even more pretty little details from Pieterse about what's coming up in tonight's summer finale!

New Girl

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Michelle: More more more Nick and Jess scoop #NEWGIRL
You know what they say about people who ask for more…they usually get what they want so keep it up! Anyway, Nick and Jess have so much crazy chemistry (remember that first kiss? Still reeling), so it's hard to entertain the idea of them not meshing in certain parts of their relationship. Sex. We're talking about sex. We've already told you that Jess goes to Schmidt for advice on how to please Nick, but what we didn't tell you is that his advice is terrible. And we get a flashback to college Nick, which is our favorite kind of flashbacks. 

April: Too lazy to list all the shows I need spoilers for, so just gimme whatever you got!
What is wrong with the youth of America? First Miley's tongue is let loose on MTV and sends the VMAs down a horror spiral and now this? Speaking of horror, have you slept lately? Yes? Better watch the newest promo for American Horror Story: Coven. Witches are burning at the stake, but that's not even the unsettling part.

Trisha: I heard my one and only Adam Brody is guest starring on The League this season. Do you have any details on his role?
Brody plays one of the out-of-towners in the guys' fantasy league, and he decides to host a destination draft in his city of Los Angeles. When the guys (and Jenny) arrive, Adam's character drops a huge bombshell on them. Hint: he has a serious disease. Also in the season premiere: somebody quits the league, a new Sacko trophy is revealed and a celeb who starred in This Is the End makes a hilarious cameo.

John B.: Obsessed with the fact that Tatiana Maslany is coming to Parks and Rec. It's like my two favorite shows merging into one. Got scoop on that?
We're calling her arc of episodes Orphan Rec, so if you start doing that too just give us credit. Actually give showrunner Mike Schur credit because he tweeted it first. Anyway, Aziz Ansari, who is the lucky guy who gets Tatiana as a love interest, tells us at the Comedy Central Roast of James Franco that they haven't shot anything with her yet, but they should be filming her guest spot in the next couple weeks. And since you love this casting so much, better thank Aziz. It was his idea! "We were trying to find someone and she is so good on that show and then I read that she had a comedy background," he tells our own Marc Malkin. "So I emailed Mike Schur and was like, 'hey, what about her?'" Best idea ever, Tom.

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