Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell & More Open Up About the Not-So-Glamourous Side of Modeling

Iconic models from the '90s reveal the difficulties they faced at the beginning of their careers

By Rose Curiel Aug 26, 2013 8:12 PMTags
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Under normal circumstances, it can be tough work deciding which star should grace the cover of an oh-so-important September issue.

And when said issue focuses on the modeling industry, as Interview's fall magazine does, it can be even harder picking a cover girl among the many stunning supermodels who helped define the term in the first place.

The solution? Feature all of them!

That's right, Interview tapped seven of the industry's most iconic faces, including Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Kate Moss,  Stephanie Seymour, Christy Turlington, Amber Valletta and Daria Werbowy, to star as their September issue cover girls. 

Naturally, each gal looks just as gorgeous as she did when she first broke out on the scene back in the ‘90s, but we were pleasantly surprised to discover how candid the catwalkers were when it came to discussing body issues and the struggles of their careers

Here are the 7 of the most brutally honest quotes from supermodels' Interview articles: 

1. Campbell on Pre-Runway Jitters: "People ask me, ‘Are you nervous when you go on the runway? You don't look it.' Yes, I am."

2. Seymour on Her Former Insecurities: "I always had difficulty as a model just being myself. I can be very shy and I used to have a lot of anxiety about working on a set."

3. Werbowy on Self-Doubt: "Sometimes I am still surprised that I'm a model and that people think I'm good-looking."

4. Valletta on Struggling Through her First Big Job: "It was an advertorial for Italian Vogue. I cried on set because I didn't know what to do. That was two weeks after being in Milan for the very first time."

5. Turlington on Balking at Second Calvin Klein Campaign: "I needed to think seriously about the CK underwear campaign, because I knew it would be everywhere, and I wasn't sure I wanted to be photographed in my underwear now that I'm a mother."

 6. Evangelista a Disastrous First Gigs as a 16-Year-Old: "They wanted me to take my clothes off and shoot me naked. It was a nightmare and I panicked and basically the Canadian Embassy helped me out. I was there about two days and went home, saying, ‘I don't want anything to do with this ever again.'"

7. Moss on Campbell, Evangelista and Turlington Providing Much-Needed Guidance: "They showed me the ropes, really. If I hadn't been with them, I would have been screwed. They really protected me."

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