Lady Gaga, 2013 MTV Video Music Awards

Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Lady Gaga gets our applause for her "Applause" performance at tonight's MTV Video Music Awards, but not so much for her wardrobe choice. 

The singer, who wore various wigs and ensembles during her performance on the show tonight, then opted to wear not much at all when she wrapped up her big moment on stage.

For the stage, the singer had donned a classic black ensemble, but then disrobed and let her wild hair down.

The ARTPOP singer rocked a seashell thong bikini and nothing else when she exited the stage and returned to the audience. 

Yup. Meaning when she was jumping up and down for 'N Sync's reunion performance, she was baring it all! 

Did we mention the G-string was held together by just a few flowers?!

So very Gaga.

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