Orange is the New Black

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Lock us up and throw away the key, because we're obsessed with Orange Is the New Black!

The first season of Jenji Kohan's summer hit snatched our attention with its smart and witty writing, introduced us to a handful of amazing actresses and the 13-episiodes smashed Netflix records. Basically it's practically perfect in all the right ways.

To help curb your OITNB cravings for season two, we set up an exclusive interview with stars Taylor Schilling (Piper) and Danielle Brooks (Taystee) to get all the inside scoop on what 's coming up when the Netflix hit returns and if the rumors surrounding Laura Prepon's exit are actually true.  

Laura Prepon, Orange is the New Black


Schilling was quick to tell us that she believes that Piper and Alex are a truly special couple. "Alex is one of the great loves of Piper's life, if not the great love, and I think that anytime you have a bond like that it never really ends," the Orange star dishes. "It continues to play out it's like the layers of an onion. I'm curious also to see where the writers take that relationship."

So is there a chance that their great love could end next season?  Earlier this month, reports surfaced that Prepon is looking to leave the series. Despite the fact that Netflix told us these rumors are "not accurate," Schilling admits that she does not know if her onscreen girlfriend will return.

Laura Prepon, Orange is the New Black


"Well, you know, I don't really know anything about that, I just know that she's an amazing actress and I've really had an incredible time working with her and I know that there's no end to that relationship," Schilling says. We're still keeping our fingers crossed that she'll be back!

Looking ahead, Brooks says that fans are going to be incredibly impressed with OITNB's second season. "We're having a blast! I mean, the writing was amazing before and it has gotten even better, I don't know how they made it happen but it's really good," the actress shares. "I think that people are going to be so excited about season two."

With the first season being such a wildly popular success, Brooks explains that the cast is willing to work hard to keep up fans' high expectations. "I think it is challenging though when you're on a great show because there's so much expectation that comes along with that but I think we all are making a big effort to make it about the work, I think that's what made season one so great is that we're focused on telling truthful honest stories as well as we can," she says.

Filming on Season 2 of Orange Is the New Black is currently underway in New York.

—Reporting by James Chairman

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