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Just in case you don't have the Internet (how are you on our website? What sorcery is this?!), Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's baby girl, North West, was debuted today on Kris via photo, and as expected, she's adorable.

So let's celebrate yet another celebrity baby debut by talking about our favorite fictional little ones on the small screen. From an offspring set on destroying his mother to fire-breathers, here are five babies currently making our television lives much more entertaining: 

1.Stewie Griffin, Family Guy: Stewie's evolution on Family Guy is the reason we continue to love him after more than 10 seasons of the animated comedy. He started out as a mean-spirited Brit obsessed with killing his mother and conquering the world, but now he's more into his friendship with the family dog Brian, and he's maybe but probably definitely gay. Either way, whenever we hear someone mention Cool Whip, we smile and think of good ole Stewie.

2. Baby Ron Swanson, Parks and Recreation: Yes, we know this baby is not born yet, but the very idea of meat-loving, scotch-drinking, tomfoolery-hating Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) having a little baby boy or girl is enough to put this child on our favorite baby list. That's right, Ron's procreation is so awesome and powerful, his kid made the list before even being born!

3. Lily Pritchett-Tucker, Modern FamilySure, she's cute. But we're mostly just jealous of her because her parents are Cameron (Eric Stonestreet) and Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson). Now if only those two would go on and get hitched in the new season…

4. Holly White, Breaking Bad: Sometimes Breaking Bad gets so intense, we need an adorable baby dressed in pink to help us unclench. We definitely worry for her safety, because no one is safe on that show. Still reeling from [spoiler alert!]'s death, aren't you guys? That spoiler alert could be a lot of people, so use your imagination to fill in the brackets. Plus, Holly is one of the few characters on that show who has yet to murder someone, do drugs, sell drugs, lie, cheat and/or steal. But there are still six episodes left, so she could knock them out before the series finale. 

5. Dragon Babies, Game of Thrones: They fly and breathe fire! What else do you want in your children?

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