Angelina Jolie: What's Happening to Syrian Children Is "Sickening"

Actress has been a longtime advocate for refugees in the area

By Lily Harrison Aug 23, 2013 7:30 PMTags
Angelina JolieKika Press/

Angelina Jolie is making her voice heard once again on the Syrian crisis.

"What is happening to the children of Syria is sickening," the UNHCR Special Envoy said in a statement obtained by E! News.

"Thousands of innocent young boys and girls have lost their lives in horrific circumstances, including in recent attacks near Damascus. And now one million Syrian children are struggling to survive as refugees in heart-breaking conditions."

She went on to say, "Each one of these child refugees is an innocent victim of a senseless conflict. These vulnerable children need shelter, food and assistance. But above all, they need security."

Jolie urged world leaders to take notice of the crisis, saying, "The international community must not look away from Syria, they must renew the search for peace with urgency and determination."

The Oscar winner traveled to Jordan in June, in honor of World Refugee Day, to meet with new Syrian refugees at the Jordan border as part of a fact-finding effort in her role as a special envoy for the UNHR, a United Nations refugee agency.

While meeting with refugees at the Jaber border crossing, the mother of six listened to stories of families whose loved ones have been killed, whose homes have been destroyed by bombs and whose towns have been left devastated by fighting that's tragically created more than 1.6 million refugees.


In a post on UNHRC's website, Jolie said the aim of her visit is "to show support for Syria's refugees, to call on the world to address their plight, and to better understand needs in Jordan and other countries in the region most directly affected by his devastating conflict."

Brad Pitt's leading lady had previously visited the Jordanian border in December of 2012, where she urged world politicians to boost humanitarian aid and work towards finding a solution to the country's civil war.