Prince George, Prince William, Duchess Kate Middleton, Ellie Goulding

TRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge; WireImage

We can only imagine what a daunting task it is picking out a royal baby present for Kate Middleton and Prince William's 1-month-old bundle of joy, Prince George.

"I fully intend to send William and Kate a gift for him, but I have no idea what to get," Ellie Goulding, who performed during the couple's wedding reception two years ago, tells the Daily Mail.

"What do you give someone who has everything?" the 26-year-old singer asked. "Still, they're truly lovely people so I imagine they'd be grateful for anything."

Goulding is certainly grateful for getting the chance to perform privately for Will, Kate and the entire royal family when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge wed back in April 2011.

"It was such a highlight for me and they were all so lovely," the "Burn" singer gushed. "I've always been a fan of the royal family and I love that we have that huge history. It's really special."

Goulding added, "I haven't seen William and Kate since, but they've sent letters and their best wishes. I saw Harry, though, three months ago when I performed for a charity event of his. I played quite late in the evening so everyone was a bit drunk!"

"It has been a crazy few years," Goulding added. Now if only she could think of the perfect royal baby gift!

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