The MTV Video Music Awards—or the VMAs, as kids these days call ‘em—are tomorrow and it is going to be The Greatest VMAs Ever! Or at the very least, it's not going to be the MTV Movie Awards.

On second thought, maybe it could be what the Internet deems "The Worst." Only one way to find out! But we thought we'd run both the best case and worst case scenarios for you first.

May we present to you the 4 reasons this year's VMAs will be The Best and the 4 reasons they could actually be The Worst.

Miley Cyrus

Jackson Lee / Splash News

THE BEST: Miley Cyrus will be there acting out.

So yes, we love "We Can't Stop" and can't wait to see the performance, which Miley promises will "f--kkkkk yoooooo s--tttttt uppppppppp", what we're actually most looking forward to is what shenanigans she'll pull. We're talking about what kind silly "white trash meets Chanel" look she'll be wearing or what kind of Gwen Stefani hairstyle she might try to pull off or how many times we'll see her tongue outside of her mouth.

Sure, this all sounds like reasons we're not excited about Miley but think again! All these things are why we love watching Miley right now. So keep on, keeping on, Miles!


THE WORST: Lady Gaga isn't shocking anymore.

At this point, what could Lady Gaga do that would possibly shock us anymore? She's shown up to the VMAs as a man. She's lit herself on fire. She can't show up in an egg anymore (she's already done that). She's covered herself in blood during a performance. Literally, what could she do?!

Speaking of the last point: Gaga's "Paparazzi" performance (the one where she ends up covered in blood) is one of the best performances in VMA history. She'll have to pull out all the stops to top it with her opening act this year. But we won't be holding our breath. 

Justin Timberlake, Lance Bass, Chris Kirkpatrick, JC Chasez, Joey Fatone, NSync

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

THE BEST: The 'N Sync reunion.

Yes, the boys are back! Move over, One Direction, this is how the O.G. boy band does it! (Well, maybe not the O.G. but close enough?)

All 5 'N Syncers will be together again to perform a medley of their hits, they just have to settle on the songs now. And if you don't believe this is the greatest thing to happen to the VMAs in forever, please see this post.

THE WORST: The 'N Sync reunion

What if the big reunion is a let down? Like, what if Justin Timberlake refuses to throw on a matching denim outfit and dance behind video monitors to "Bye Bye Bye" because he's the Beyoncé now? 

You may be a Vanguard or whatever, J.T., but don't forget your roots and we do not want to just see you performing "Suit & Tie" again.


Taylor Swift, Kanye West

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

THE BEST: Taylor Swift and Kanye West together again.

It's been 4 whole years since the infamous "Interupting Kanye" incident and both parties have since gone their own way (shoutout to Baby North!). At this point, even Taylor can a make an awesome joke out of it and Kanye can laugh about how he was just "some crazy drunk black guy in a leather shirt" and would never want that for his daughter.

So now, they meet again. How will that go? Maybe a little nice hugging photo op? Will Taylor bust out her enviable dance moves during his Yeezy's performance? Will they have an awkward onstage moment? The world is full of possibilities!


THE WORST: Beyoncé doesn't have a new album.

Which isn't necessarily MTV's fault. It's Queen B's (girl, where the eff is your new album?!)

What is MTV's fault is even holding an award show when Beyoncé isn't promoting new music in the first place giving her a nomination for a music video that isn't even a real music video. It's a recording of her "I Was Here" performance at United Nation's World Humanitarian Day. It was epic, because it was Beyoncé. We just wish it were the "Grown Woman" video.

THE BEST: Katy Perry will perform "Roar."

Not gonna lie, we love a Katy Perry performance! And we really have no idea how this one is going to look or feel like since she's yet to release a video. Probably lots of cats? That's something we can agree on. 

At this point, we're all pretty accustomed to a Gaga performance and know exactly what to expect, otherwise she'd get this spot on our list. But we're kind of excited what kind of magical whimsy Katy Perry will dream up for us. So let's get to it!


THE WORST: Britney Spears won't be there.

And the VMAs is nothing without Britney Spears.


Then again, she is (probably) releasing new music next month. A surprise appearance at the VMAs would be the perfect opportunity to hype an upcoming single...

Either way, guess we're tuning in!

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