Kim and Kourtney Kardashian Prank Family with "Placenta" Dinner—Watch Now!

Did Kim Kardashian just make her whole family eat placenta?!

By Andy Neuenschwander Aug 26, 2013 5:01 AMTags

Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian were so annoyed with the closed-mindedness of their family members that they...made them all eat brisket?

It all started when Kim brought up the topic of eating placenta. She and Kourtney argued for the health benefits of the practice, but the rest of the family found the whole idea to be pretty gross.

So as retribution, Kourtney and Kim came up with a prank: They would invite the whole family over for dinner, and serve them all up a plate of placenta!

For a while, things were looking grim: Kourtney had a professional chef cook up a questionable piece of meat that she claimed was human placenta from Brazil, and let the family go days thinking they had just eaten it.

But later, she revealed that it had just been brisket all along! So while Kim might still consider her options post-partum, at least the rest of the family is off the hook.

Meanwhile, Rob Kardashian picked up an artistic but very noisy new hobby! Rob started doing wood carvings using just a chainsaw and a stump, and was enjoying it too. "How many opportunities am I going to get to chainsaw some wood?" he reasoned.

Rob's first masterpiece was a pretty well-carved bear (for a first-timer), but Scott Disick disagreed with its placement in the house and accidentally tossed it into the trash! Everyone scrambled to make things right, but it turned out that Rob was fine with it. Maybe carving that wooden Buddha got him in a Zen state?

As for Bruce Jenner, he spent the week agonizing over whether or not to go on Jimmy Fallon's talk show. You see, Jimmy had been making fun of Bruce for a long time, and Bruce didn't want to give Jimmy the satisfaction of showing up.

But with some advice from Kim and from comedian Jeff Dunham, Bruce decided to do the show...and bring along a few jokes of his own!

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